Trump Just Had The Most AWKWARD Moment With Saudi Crown Prince, HUMILIATES Himself (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s relationship with the press is problematic, to say the least — and he only has himself to thank for that. Thanks to his abrasive, immature nature and his nonstop lies and “alternative facts”, Trump has made the political news environment extremely tense, prompting the press to push back every time he goes off the rails or puts the American people at risk. And to people in other countries, this is absolutely baffling.

Earlier today, Trump met with Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and pretty much ruined the meeting by trying to impress the prince. Desperate for approval and a good first impression, Trump decided to make a sarcastic remark and throw the press under the bus, and he humiliated himself when it failed to have the desired effect.

In the Oval Office, Trump and the prince sat down for a photo op with reporters and photographers. In the footage, Trump is seen looking nasty and pissed off for the cameras, visibly irritated by something. Finally, he breaks his scowl, turns to the prince and points to members of the press corps and sarcastically remarks:

“Very nice people.”

Trump probably thought he was so cool and clever, until his “joke” feel flat. The prince didn’t get Trump’s weird, awkward sense of humor and instead of joining in on the insult like Trump probably hoped he would, the prince let out an uneasy laugh, tilted his head and said:

“We hope so.”

The prince didn’t know it, but it was the perfect response to shut down Trump’s bullying of the media. And apparently, people are loving every second of this on Twitter:

Trump embarrassing himself in front of other world leaders has now become the norm, and America’s reputation continues to deteriorate every time he fails to act presidential. We could hope that this awkward moment with the prince might teach him a lesson, but that’s just wishful thinking at this point.

Featured image via Sean Rayford / Getty Images