Sean Spicer Finally Admits Obama Probably Didn’t Spy On Trump Through ‘Microwaves’ (VIDEO)

According to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway’s completely serious suggestion that President Obama used “microwaves” to spy on Donald Trump was simply a remark made “in jest.”

Ever since Trump’s prized idiot first claimed that Obama used microwave ovens to keep tabs on The Donald, experts have weighed in, pointing out that you’d have to be the biggest moron in the universe to believe for even a second that it is a “fact of modern life” (as Conway says) that a microwave is useful for spying on someone. During his Tuesday press briefing, a reporter with a “what-the-fuck-am-I-even-saying-is-this-really-what-my-life-has-become?” look on her face asked Spicer if Donald Trump “believes he was surveilled through microwaves and televisions.”

“I will just say the president has tweeted about this,” Spicer replied. “He’s pretty clear that he believes there was surveillance that was conducted during the 2016 election. and we’re going to wait for the conclusion of that. I think there is pretty sound evidence that the microwave is not a sound way of surveilling someone, and I think that has been cleaned up. It was made in jest. So I think we can put that to rest.”

Sorry, Spicy. Conway and the Trump administration will never live down the ridiculous assertion that Barack Obama spied on Trump through the microwave — especially as long as you choose to cling to the equally ridiculous notion that our last legitimate President tapped the “wires” at Trump Tower to spy on the campaign.

Watch Spicer try to put the whole microwave thing to rest below: