White House In Deep Denial Over Dumpster Fire Healthcare Plan (DETAILS)

The Congressional Budget Office released their analysis of the GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan today, and their findings were bad. Really bad. According to the CBO’s report, 14 million people are going to lose their healthcare by the end of the year and 24 million will be without coverage by 2026. But somehow, the White House is in complete denial about what a disastrous bill they are pushing.

Health Secretary Tom Price said on Monday afternoon that the administration “strenuously” disagrees with the CBO’s report. Despite the numbers presented to him, he still insists that more people will be covered and costs will be lowered under the Republican plan.

The job of the CBO is to analyze proposed legislation and provide Congress with a nonpartisan assessment. Their findings in regards to the GOP plan? By 2026, 24 million Americans will be without healthcare. No wonder they tried to hide it from the public.

According to Price, the White House disagrees “strenuously with the report that was put out.” Price said that the CBO isn’t looking at the whole picture. He argues that the Republicans have a three-part plan, but the CBO only looked at the House Bill, which is just othe first step.

“It’s just not believable is what we would suggest,” Price said of the CBO’s assessment.

House Speaker Paul Ryan defended the bill against the report as well. On Monday, he praised the plan for lowering the deficit by a measly $336 billion over a decade, which is a mere drop in the bucket when looking at the overall budget.

It is obvious that the Republican’s “make America sick again” bill is horrible. People are going to die, plain and simple. The CBO report laid out the numbers. You know, facts and stuff. Yet, the White House and the rest of the GOP just can’t believe it so they disagree. Here’s the thing, that isn’t how it works. You can say you disagree with a fact and you can say you don’t believe a fact, but it’s still a fact.

Millions of people, many of whom just finally got insurance under the Affordable Care Act, are going to lose their coverage under the GOP plan. Saying you don’t believe it doesn’t change a damn thing.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images