Twitter TEARS Paul Ryan To BLOODY RIBBONS For Praising CBO Review Of GOP Healthcare Plan (TWEETS)

The Congressional Budget Office’s review of the Republicans’ replacement plan for the ACA is out, and it’s not good news. Under the plan, 24 million people will lose their healthcare coverage by 2026. 14 million of those people will see their insurance ripped from them just in the next two years. In total, this plan will result in 52 million uninsured people in 2026. Over the next four years, premiums are expected to rise by as much as 20 percent more than they would under the ACA. Premiums might fall for younger people after 2020 but would continue to rise for older people.

And on it goes.

Paul Ryan, however, sees the report as a resounding endorsement of the plan because it will reduce the deficit by a whole $336 billion over a decade and is supposed to maybe lower premiums at some point in the future.

And Twitter is throwing a livid fit with him for that tweet, as well they should. The GOP’s first priority should be the uninsured and the risk of people becoming uninsured. Instead, they’re worried about deficits and getting lower premiums at some point for some demographics. Twitter is being merciless in their evaluation of his response.

The CBO’s report shows a bloodbath that Republicans are couching in pretty flowers, and Ryan is busy trying to convince us that the pretty flowers are all that exist here. Perhaps, in his mind, the scent of the flowers will cover the scent of blood in this if he just says it will enough times.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images