Trump Admits ‘2017 Will Be The Worst Year Yet,’ Then Blames Obama

While Donald Trump was campaigning, he slammed what he called political correctness in America’s culture. As usual, the amateur president took to his Twitter account this morning to unleash more nonsensical messages, likely just a distraction from his mounting scandals.

“It is amazing how rude much of the media is to my very hard working representatives. Be nice, you will do much better!,” he tweeted.

In the following tweet, Trump wrote, “ObamaCare is imploding. It is a disaster and 2017 will be the worst year yet, by far! Republicans will come together and save the day.”

First off, Obamacare is not ‘imploding’ and Trumpcare will largely affect Trump supporters. Trump’s tweets went down as well as can be expected on the social media site.


Trump launched a war on the media and now wants them to be ‘nice’ and not ‘rude.’ That’s rich coming from a guy whose vile attacks are well documented. Trump calls outlets critical of his alleged presidency ‘fake news’ while he reads Infowars and Breitbart. Republicans have had 7 years to come up with a viable replacement for Obamacare and they presented the public with a godawful plan which will leave millions of Americans without coverage.

Trump repeatedly vowed to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a Republican alternative that would provide “insurance for everybody” at a lower price but that’s not what’s happening. It does give a healthy tax break to the wealthy, though. It’s a great plan if you’re rich, but if you’re of low-income status and/or older, you’re fucked.

Each crazy-time tweet of Trump’s is well calculated. It’s a distraction from his many scandals. Let’s see now: Russia, conflicts of interest, lack of transparency and  profiting greatly from the presidency.

Meanwhile, the Intelligence panel wants Trump to provide evidence of his claims that former President Barack Obama had his phones wiretapped before the election. They want that today.  Tick tock, Mr. Trump. And by the way, Infowars is not ‘evidence.’

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images.