New York Times Columnist BLASTS ‘Parasite’ Trump’s First 50 Days In Office

Donald Trump is 50 days into his presidency and and he has done nothing but cheat the American people while destroying and embarrassing our country.

America does not have a president. America has a petulant child who acts more like a fascist dictator who whines all the time.

Trump doesn’t know what the hell he is doing most of the time and resorts to posting on Twitter and blaming others for his failures.

In addition, Trump has swindled taxpayers out of millions of dollars to pay for his lavish lifestyle of golf and fancy resorts.

Trump is not a human being, he’s a parasite.

And New York Times columnist Charles Blow used the exact same term while reviewing Trump’s first 50 days in office.

“There is no new Trump,” Blow began. “There is only the same old Trump: Dangerous and unpredictable, gauche and greedy, temperamentally unsuited and emotionally unsound. If you were trying to create in a lab a person with character traits more unbecoming in a president, it would be hard to outdo the one we have.”

Blow noted that Trump’s Twitter ravings make him look “unhinged,” and that he has squandered our credibility as a nation because of his constant lies and false accusations.

“Trump’s assaults on the truth are not benign,” Blow wrote. “Presidential credibility is American credibility. There is no way to burn through one without burning through the other. And when he’s not making explosive charges, he’s taking destructive actions.”

Indeed, Trump has relied on executive orders and executive actions far more than President Obama ever did, despite complaining about President Obama every time he signed an executive order.

Trump is actually on pace to surpass the number of executive orders President Obama signed. How’s that for hypocrisy?

You know what else Trump is going to do more than President Obama? Spending money on vacations and golfing.

Throughout his entire eight years in office, President Obama’s vacations costed taxpayers $90 million. Trump is on pace to spend more than that in under a year.

“This president and his family are burning through taxpayer funds like it’s Monopoly money,” Blow continued. “Trump appears to view the Treasury as a personal piggy bank and the presidency as a part-time job.”

Blow then delivers a scathing conclusion.

“This is a 70-year-old man who has lived his entire life as the vile, dishonest, incurious creature who got elected. That election validated his impulses rather than served as a curb on them.

Trump will continue to debase and devalue the presidency with his lies. Trump will continue to follow Bannon’s philosophy of internal deconstruction of our government, its principles and its institutions. And Trump will continue to leech as much personal financial advantage as he can from the flesh of the American public.

That’s who Trump is. America elected a parasite.”

It’s time for America to remove this parasite before the damage it is causing becomes irreversible.

Featured Image: Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images