Jeb Bush BLASTS Steve King’s Anti-Immigrant Racism In Awesome Twitter Burn

Representative Steve King ( R-Iowa) is a notorious racist. On Sunday, he came under fire for xenophobic comments suggesting that immigration is bad for America and western civilization, and on Monday, he doubled down on those comments. He has even said that non-white people have historically contributed nothing to the building of western civilization and values. Here is what King tweeted this weekend:

Well, there is condemnation of these comments coming from one surprising place – a fellow Republican. Former presidential candidate, Florida Governor, and relative of two previous Republican presidents Jeb Bush seems to have had enough of Steve King’s racist statements. Jeb took to Twitter on Monday and said that King’s remarks in no way “reflect our shared history or values.”

Here is the tweet:

I never thought I’d be saying this, but Jeb Bush is right. America is a nation of immigrants. We celebrate immigration and diversity. Our differences make us stronger, not weaker. Steve King is a stone cold racist, and should not be in the United States Congress. This is not the first time this man has come under fire for racist remarks, and surely it will not be the last. A person who holds such contempt for our fundamental American values does not belong in Congress. People of Iowa, please vote this racist yahoo out in the next election.

Mr. Bush, thank you for speaking up for what is right. Now, how long will it take for Republicans in elected office to do the same? I’m waiting.

Featured image via Sean Rayford/Getty Images