Billionaire Mark Cuban Just DESTROYED Trump’s Presidency With Some Really, REALLY Bad News (TWEET)

Not many people can get under Donald Trump’s skin like billionaire and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban. Not only did Cuban become a massively outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign, but he’s blasted Trump more times than we can count. On Sunday, Cuban was back at it again as he called Trump the “Zoolander president” and made an announcement that’s going to have Trump’s little hands shaking.

In an appearance at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, Cuban admitted that he’d originally liked Trump — that is, “until he got to know him.” Then, Cuban likened the undeserving POTUS to the incompetent, self-centered movie character Zoolander. Cuban also made fun of Trump’s complete lack of intelligence as he joked:

“Just think how efficient he could be if he learned how to use a search engine.”

“I love the guy because he’s the only human being who trolls himself and doesn’t know it.”

Here’s a video of Cuban’s comments:

This recent attack follows a long history of others, each one carrying a sting strong enough to make Trump retaliate and embarrass himself. Last year, Cuban challenged Trump to a four-hour interview about policy, and even offered to donate $1o million to whatever charity Trump wanted — and Trump obviously didn’t have the courage to take him up on that. Instead, Trump went on Twitter and said Cuban wasn’t “smart enough to understand what’s going on.” Just last month, Trump tweeted that Cuban wasn’t “smart enough to run for president.”


Given the fact that Cuban supports policies that are much more grounded in reality, many of us would disagree. Cuban believes in climate change and environmental responsibility, and he is against Trump’s immigration policies and thinks all Americans should have health care.

Cuban also took another jab at Trump, stating that in the next election, we will need someone who can “look forward,” instead of “acting like it’s 1975.” Cuban was asked if he would run for president in the future, and he said something that will truly terrify Trump:

“I’ve got a lot of time to decide and we’ll see what happens.”

Trump, who is delusional enough to think he’ll actually serve eight years like former President Barack Obama, is NOT going to be happy about that!


Featured image via Mike Windle and Drew Angerer / Getty Images