WATCH: Rachel Maddow Has PERFECT Argument To Prove Trump Is A Failure Despite His Bragging

Donald Trump can brag all he wants, but Rachel Maddow knows that Trump’s presidency has been nothing but a disastrous failure.

Despite the constant bragging, Trump has proven himself to be a historic failure.

Usually, the first 100 days of an administration is productive and with Republicans in control of the Senate and House, it should be easier to get things done.

But Trump has only governed via bad executive orders and has taken a vacation every weekend while accusing everyone from President Obama to Democrats to the media to other government officials of somehow sabotaging him.

On Sunday, Maddow discussed Trump’s failure with Al Sharpton and made a strong case that Trump’s has been one policy disaster after another.

“If you just look at what they’ve done in terms of policy it’s interesting they haven’t been able to do anything successfully on any of the stuff they like to brag about, they like to talk about, that he campaigned on,” Maddow began.

For example, Trump’s Muslim bans have failed to pass muster as federal courts are blocking it because it violates the Constitution. Trump’s border wall has also failed because he promised that Mexico would pay for it but it turns out that was a total lie. In fact, Trump’s wall would actually cost us dearly because it would weaken our national security.

“The Muslim ban has been a disaster,” Maddow continued before noting that Mitch McConnell admitted that Mexico won’t pay for the wall. She also referred to Trump’s plan to gut the Coast Guard, airport security, and FEMA to pay for it.

Maddow also mentioned that Trump is allowing mentally ill people to buy guns and is refusing to fight a Texas voter suppression law in court.

And then she brought up the GOP healthcare bill that they dubiously call the “American Healthcare Act” even though is definitely not American nor is it healthcare.

“The health care roll-out is an absolute disaster. Politically, it’s absolutely dead. I don’t think anybody believes it will ever pass the Senate. They never tried anything on taxes. Remember, they were going to do a trillion dollar infrastructure plan. Nothing that they like to talk about, nothing they like to brag about, none of their big stuff is working or, in many cases, they’re not even trying to make it work.”

Here’s the video via Twitter.

In short, Donald Trump continues to be a failure and a disaster for our country and it will only get worse.

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