Obama Receives Standing Ovation In New York Restaurant While Trump’s Popularity Nose Dives (VIDEO)

Many of Obama’s harshest critics are suddenly¬†very quiet. The former president who the right relentlessly smeared during his time¬†in office is seeing a surge in popularity in his post-White House life as Americans begin to realize just how good they had it. Trump has a way of clarifying things like that.

In another reminder of just how popular Obama is (and by contrast, just how unpopular Trump is), a New York restaurant ground to a halt and gave the former president a standing ovation as he made his way through the seating area. According to witnesses, everyone was cheering and some were crying. This is what a beloved statesman looks like:

O-B-A-M-A ??

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And here’s another angle:

I’m dying. I’m dead. PRESIDENT OBAMA is at lunch w us. We all clapped and cried.

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Meanwhile Trump is hounded by protesters wherever he goes. During a recent vacation to Florida (Trump’s 5th since taking office two months ago) he had to stoop as low as to pretend the protesters were really “supporters” in an humiliating moment that quickly went viral.

Adding to that, Obama’s policies are becoming more popular as people face the GOP’s assaults on Obama’s legacy. Now that the Republicans actually have the ability to repeal Obamacare, support for the law has become stronger than ever.

For years, Republicans assured America that Obama and his policies were not in line with voters. Now it appears that it’s their ideology that Americans abhor.

In Trump’s mind, it’s more personal. Videos of Obama being applauded are sure to infuriate Trump. Staffers close to him tell reporters that the is consumed by a bitterness towards Obama and a seething jealousy that Obama has accomplished more than he has. It’s no secret that Trump craves approval and attention – both are things that Obama has earned by his actions. Trump is learning that you can’t buy people’s respect and it’s killing him.

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