Intelligence Committee Warns Trump: Produce Wiretapping Evidence By Monday

Last Saturday, Donald Trump woke at the crack of dawn and went on an extraordinary Twitter tirade — even for him. He accused his predecessor, President Barack Obama, of illegally wiretapping Trump Tower during the hotly contested 2016 election campaign. This is a most outrageous claim to make about a former president — especially since a president cannot legally order such surveillance on any American citizen. So, if indeed Trump’s claims were to turn out to be true (hint: they won’t), it would have come first from a request by the FBI, and said request would have been reviewed and granted by a judge. In other words, if this did happen, it would mean that there was ample evidence that criminal activity was occurring in Trump Tower at that point in time.

The worst part of this whole claim is that it was said via Twitter with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. If Trump did have evidence, surely he would have produced it by now. Well, he has also demanded that House and Senate Intelligence Committees find the evidence that he clearly does not have, and they’re tired of his lies and shenanigans surrounding this issue. They are so sick of it, in fact, that they have demanded evidence of Trump’s claims against President Obama be presented to them by Monday.

This request comes courtesy of House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Ranking Member Adam Schiff (D-CA). Schiff has called what Trump did via Twitter last Saturday “outlandish” and “destructive.” He’s right. If any evidence were to exist (another hint: it doesn’t) Trump or someone within the federal government would have made said evidence public by now just to kill the story.

Trump has really stepped in it with this one. He flat-out lied about who is perhaps the most honorable man to ever occupy the White House. Then again — lest we forget — Trump started his political career by leading the racist birther crusade. So, we really shouldn’t be surprised at his behavior here.

Featured image via Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images