GOP Rep. Steve King Just Went FULL White Supremacist – David Duke Is Cheering (TWEETS)

While it should surprise absolutely no one that Iowa Rep. Steve King is a blatant, flaming, disgusting pig of a racist, what he just did on Twitter puts him into the same category as the KKK and the Neo-Nazis here in the U.S. He met with two white supremacist demagogues—Geert Wilders from the Netherlands and Frauke Petry from Germany—in 2016 and expressed strong support for their…ahem…anti-immigrant policies. But today, he not only doubled down on that, he was so obviously white supremacist he earned accolades for it from one David Duke.

King tweeted a cartoon from Voice of Europe, a publication that could easily be a “Make America Great Again” publication for Trump if it was American. It says:

King, not to be outdone on the white supremacy front, then tweeted:

In other words, King just said that culture is rooted in demographics, which implies that he believes the only way to preserve true American and Western European culture is to preserve white superiority. That’s what known white nationalist groups also say about brown people polluting the white gene pool.

Now, read what David Duke’s reply was to that:

“Reigns supreme.” No double entendre there at all. You know you’ve arrived as a white supremacist when David Duke applauds you. Steve King needs to be ousted from Congress. He’s the antithesis of America.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images