GOP Announced Their Obamacare Replacement – Bernie Sanders Just DESTROYED It In Under 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has been a nightmare for the GOP ever since he announced his presidential campaign. With his amazing ability to connect with progressives and activists in America, Sanders has been a massive thorn in the Republican Party’s side as he routinely dismantles every crooked policy they try to enact.

The Republican Party’s latest disastrous move is their Obamacare replacement plan, which has attracted criticism from the second it was announced. It only makes sense that Sanders would weigh in on such a repulsive move, and it only took him 82 seconds to dismantle what House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to use to replace Obamacare.

On CBS’s Face The Nation, Sanders gave a damning response to a question about whether or not the GOP’s replacement would get 51 votes in the Senate. He said:

“I hope not. It is an absolute disaster. It is a disgrace, and by the way, this really has nothing to do with healthcare. What this has everything to do with is a massive shift of wealth from working people and middle-income people to the richest people in this country. It is a 275 billion dollar tax break for the top two percent. Millionaires will get about $50,000 a year in tax breaks, while at the same time 5-10 million people are going to lose their health insurance, premiums are going to soar. The AARP says that if you are 64 years of age and you’re making about 25,000 a year, you’re going pay up to $7,000 more for you’re health insurance. They’re going to defund Planned Parenthood. Deny over 2 million the right to choose they healthcare that they need. They’re going to decimate Medicaid, which is why the American Medical Association, the AMA, and the American Hospital Association oppose it, in addition to the AARP. This is a disgrace, and by the way, they are so cowardly that they want to go forward before the CBO gives an estimate of what it will cost, and how many people will lose their insurance.”

You can watch Sanders explain it all below:

Sanders couldn’t be more correct. The GOP’s replacement is a massive failure and will not only strip millions of Americans of life-saving health care, but it will make Americans pay more for less.

The Republicans are trying to promote their own interests with this bill, and it’s absolutely pathetic. The ones who will truly benefit from such a horrible piece of legislation are the wealthy and insurance companies. Hopefully, people will listen to Sanders and fight this bill.

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