Watch Darrel Issa Get Booed After Being A Total D*ck To A Constituent (VIDEO)

There may have been a time, many years ago, when the Republican party gave a crap about its constituents, but those days are long gone. If you haven’t seen enough proof of that yet, all you have to do is watch this snippet from a Rep. Darrell Issa town hall in San Diego, California to see where he mocks a constituent who claimed to be assaulted by one of Issa’s staff.

The woman, who said she is a member of California’s Bar (a lawyer) and that she was holding a sign at the town hall which was taken away from her by Issa’s “bodyguard,” whom she said assaulted her.

“I had a very small sign that said,’Investigate Russia now,’” she explained to the congressman standing on the stage. “There are many other people with signs here. You bodyguard, security guard, came over and took my sign away from me forcibly. I asserted my 1st Amendment rights of free speech. I told him it was suppression of speech.”

Source: Raw Story

Issa tried blaming it on the size of her sign. Apparently, oversized signs were banned from the event, but the woman insisted it was small. He did apologize, but the woman persisted.

“Mine was small and it was forcibly taken from me and it constituted a battery,” the woman asserted. “It was your staff. They committed a criminal offense against me.”

At that point, Ryan had had enough with the woman and said, “well, okay,” while grabbing the mic and said, “We’ll go on to somebody who doesn’t have a pending lawsuit.”

The crowd, thankfully, booed.

Here’s the video:

Sadly, this seems to be common behavior among Republicans. Dissent is no longer welcome. They’re even attempting to make protesting illegal, or at least very difficult, in many states. In Michigan, for example, lawmakers tried to pass a law that would make picketing illegal by charging a $1,000 fine for each day of picketing. Fortunately, the state Senate didn’t pass it, but other bills are even more frightening.

In North Dakota, for example, Republicans introduced a bill that would make it legal to run down protesters with cars.

Of course, we have an Oval Office occupier who believes that all dissent is “fake” and needs to be shut down. Should it be any surprise that his party follows his example?

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images