Trump’s Weekend Jaunts To Florida Are Putting The U.S. In Grave Danger

Trump’s selfishness knows no bounds. He thinks as president and commander-in-chief that he can do what he wants, and others will handle the details. There’s one so-called “detail,” however, that he really needs to consider: All that time he spends at Mar-a-Lago? It’s not just costing us a bundle. It’s a national security nightmare that could be putting us in grave danger, and it grows with each visit.

Mar-a-Lago was not built for the U.S. president, it was built as a resort for rich people like Donald Trump. The security risks are astonishing, especially since the guests who frequent the place get less vetting than what Trump thinks Syrian refugees get. That, according to former Secret Service agents and other experts, means spies and other enemies can get at him easily.

In fact, two former CIA directors, Michael Hayden and John McLaughlin, both say that foreign intelligence operatives would love to get their hands on Mar-a-Lago, and it would be very easy because the place is so unsecure. They could eavesdrop on conversations and start building dossiers on key officials, and learn national secrets they could then use against us because Trump was relaxed and stupid.

Just look at what happened when one of his weekends in February turned into a national security event as North Korea shot off a missile into the Sea of Japan. Guests there were taking pictures of the briefings and discussions and posting them to social media in a massive breach of security, even though Trump later insisted that no sensitive discussions took place, nor was sensitive material in view of his guests.

That’s not all, though. All of Trump’s clubs present these risks because the members are welcome at Mar-a-Lago as he makes a habit of going there every single weekend, and they have access to him at his other clubs as well. That includes his international clubs, meaning foreigners have unsecure access to Trump.

Spies wouldn’t even have to show up at Mar-a-Lago, or anywhere else. They could bribe or blackmail people close to Trump to get intelligence on us, including key club employees whose names, email addresses and phone numbers are available on Mar-a-Lago’s website. The club’s managing director has special clearance to get close to Trump. People in positions like that are juicy targets for spies.

It’s not bad enough that Trump insisted on using a personal, unsecure phone for a lot of his communications, including Twitter (he has a secure phone now, but reports are conflicting about whether he still uses his old, unsecure Android phone). He has make things worse by spending all his weekends at his estate, with people who worship him but could be anyone, or under anyone’s influence.

Basically, Trump must have all his old habits and he doesn’t give a damn about how unsecure they are. That means he doesn’t give a damn about U.S. national security. We have a man in the White House who’s one of the worst security risks we’ve had.

Featured image by Joe Raedle via Getty Images