Trump Made The Most DELUSIONAL Statement About Obamacare, America’s Response Is PERFECT (TWEETS)

Apparently, Donald Trump has yet to learn his lesson about attacking former President Barack Obama.

Last weekend, the disgraceful Tweeter in Chief decided to accuse his beloved predecessor of wiretapping his phones in the Trump Tower before the U.S. election. He immediately regretted this, because his reckless lies ignited not only tons of backlash against him, but also prompted further investigations into the Russia scandal.

America has not even recovered from the shock that a current POTUS would accuse a former leader of the free world of doing such a thing. Regardless, Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning to attack Obama again. At around 9:30 am, Trump exercised at least some self-control and only tweeted one anti-Obama message, this time insulting Obamacare while hyping up the GOP’s replacement bill (which by the way, is an absolute disaster and pretty much hated by everyone). Trump tweeted:

Trump’s claim that Obamacare is “imploding” is just as hilarious as it is ridiculous. Of course, there are some things about Obamacare that could use amending. But Americans, for the most part, are very happy with Obamacare and are pissed off that the Republican Party is going to repeal it, stripping millions of people of their health care. Not to mention, the sloppy replacement plan that the GOP is putting in place has already been highly criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike and is sure to be a death sentence for many Americans.

Fortunately, America isn’t about to let Trump forget that his ideas suck. Once Trump tweeted his attack on Obamacare, Twitter users rushed in to take Trump right off his high horse and bring him back to reality. Here are some of the best responses:

Trump is absolutely delusional if he thinks the GOP’s plan is going to put Obamacare to shame – and Americans will make sure he realizes it.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images