Trump Appointee Didn’t Last Two Months Before Being Fired For Calling For Muslim Genocide

That didn’t take long.

One of Trump’s oldest campaign backers was hooked up with a job he was blatantly not qualified for and seemingly had no interest in. Just two months later, he has already been fired for being a racist nutjob. Trump only hires “the best.”

According to reports first covered by Buzzfeed, Trump’s associate Sid Bowdidge worked as a massage therapist before riding Trump’s coattails to a gig at the Department of Energy.

According to two employees at the nuclear weapons agency, who asked to remain anonymous, Sid Bowdidge, 60, began working at the department following President Trump’s inauguration. An internal department database identified the New Hampshire Trump campaign worker as “assistant to the secretary,” a nebulous title given to political appointees at varied levels of responsibility.

The move from back rubs to working on nuclear weapons policy was already a scandal, but Bowdidge refused to lie low. On his social media accounts, the man had routinely posted about desiring to see all Muslims “exterminated.”

Bowdidge is among a growing list of people who got cushy government jobs based on their loyalty to Donald Trump and not to their qualifications or temperment. Many of Trump’s appointees – even for positions of extreme national importance – were unvetted. In the worst example, Trump’s National Security Advisor was actively working as a “foreign agent” of the Turkish government at the time he was hired. At various times Trump has claimed he knew about it and was totally cool with it and that he didn’t know about it. It’s not clear which is worse: to be corrupt or incompetent and Trump may very well be both.

An honest and competent administration, for instance, would have seen Bowdidge’s insane tweets and immediately disqualified him. Trump hired him without even checking.

Bowdidge also illustrates the caliber of person attracted to Trump. Since 2015, he has been one of Trump’s fiercest supporters, even going on television to defend the former reality tv star from Republican and Democratic opposition. From his tweets, Bowdidge is a xenophobe who believes that President Obama was a secret Muslim.

Again and again people in Trump’s orbit are exposed as similarly vile and pathetic. He has been endorsed by KKK leader David Duke and is beloved by white nationalist website Breitbart. Several of his most prominent advisors are birthers. His former campaign manager resigned after covering up his ties to Russia. He lost his nominee for communications director to an infidelity scandal. He lost one of his campaign surrogates to…the exact same infidelity scandal.

It’s difficult to put into words just how unqualified this administration is. It’s rotten to the very core. Or as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes summed up this particularly sad twist:

Featured image via Facebook/New York Daily News