WATCH: 2 GOP Reps. Are COMPLETELY Stumped Over How Many Constituents They’ll Hurt With Trumpcare

The House’s plan to repeal and replace the ACA is catching an awful lot of flak from Republicans and Democrats alike. Congressmen Steve King of Iowa, and Leonard Lance of New Jersey, appeared on MSNBC last night to discuss Trumpcare, and Chris Hayes grilled them about how it will affect their constituents. Neither was able to give him a real answer.

Hayes asked King:

“How many people in your district are on the [ACA] exchanges, congressman?”

King’s answer was the answer of someone who neither knows nor cares about his constituents – only his power and position:

“I don’t know that number. You may have that in front of you, Chris, but I don’t know that number.”

Hayes pressed Lance on that, too, and Lance tried to pass it off as a small number: “I would say roughly 5,000 or so, Chris.”

The thing is, those numbers are readily available, so there’s zero excuse for them not knowing these answers.

Furthermore, an interesting picture emerged last night – In Lance’s New Jersey district, more than 20,000 people have insurance through the ACA, but roughly 38,000 will lose their coverage under the GOP’s plan. In King’s district, a little over 11,000 people have insurance through the ACA, but over 40,000 stand to lose their coverage if the GOP’s plan passes.

So they’re going to yank coverage away from more people than those who obtained it under the ACA. WOW. As U.S. Representatives, it’s these guys’ job to know this kind of thing about their districts so that they can support or oppose bills based on who they represent. They’ve failed miserably.

But they’d rather put party and ideology above their people. And King even believes that people have no right to health insurance, which means no right to healthcare (because without insurance, most of us can’t afford medical care). He also believes that the best decisions are made by lawmakers closest to the people, so he’s shucking his responsibility as a U.S. Representative.

Both of them are sick for this.

Watch both segments below:


Featured image via screen capture from embedded videos