Spicer Wears National Symbol Of ‘Distress’ On His Lapel During Briefing, Internet Has Field Day

Is Sean Spicer secretly sending America a cry for help? That’s the question on everyone’s mind as the beleaguered Press Secretary walked up to the podium and showed off his upside down American flag pin.

Flying an upside down American flag is officially considered a “sign of distress” and the United States flag code says it should only be done “in instances of extreme danger to life or property.” Working for Trump and having to repeat his endless font of lies on a daily basis, certainly may qualify. He’s been on the job for less than 3 months and already Spicer looks like he’s slowly dying from the inside out. He’s moody, he’s paranoid, he seems unhappy – all the characteristics of a man who is straining under the pressure of having to defend Trump’s nonsense with a straight face.

Spicer’s subtle signal of distress only added to the impression that his daily press briefings have turned into thinly-veiled hostage videos. Reporters are pressing him for facts which he either cannot or will not provide. He lashes out with vague and blustering lies while trying to find the nearest exit. It’s hard to watch.

Here’s the video:

But people are having fun with this one:

In a bizarre twist revealing just how crazy this White House is, former reality tv star Omarosa handed Spicer a note while he was standing at the podium letting him know about his flag pin situation. He quickly adjusted it.

This may be shrugged off as a small little gaffe, but we all know how seriously Republicans take their flag lapels… Remember this ridiculous “scandal” conservatives freaked out about?

One might go so far as to conclude that they are raging hypocrites.

Featured image via Twitter