Spicer Giggles Like An Idiot After Admitting Trump Only Believes News When It Favors Him (VIDEO)

In a deeply disturbing moment during Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s latest bonkers press briefing, he read verbatim a quote given to him by Trump that admitted the sitting President of the United States only believes facts when they make him look good. Everything else is “fake news.”

Spicer was asked during the briefing about the latest jobs report which showed America gaining a very healthy number of jobs. (There is no evidence to suggest this is due to Donald Trump, and in fact, it merely fits with the pattern of unrelenting job growth that came to define Obama’s presidency. Trump has thus far done little to help the economy and nothing to help middle class workers, again suggesting this economic growth isn’t the result of his presidency but merely his good fortune for having inherited a booming economy from his Democratic predecessor.)

Despite the fact that there is little evidence of Trump’s influence, his administration has been taking victory laps over the economic news. A reporter correctly noted that it’s a bit odd that Trump would be so willing to trust the jobs report this time when he has previously gone on record to suggest that jobs reports under Obama were fabricated and false – a claim which, in 2015, earned him a “pants on fire” Politifact rating. Why the sudden change?

The answer is so obvious that even Trump had no problem admitting it: He only believes the news when it benefits him.

“They may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.”

Rather than find that mindset pathological and terrifying, Spicer thought it was hilarious. Even more troubling, the reporters in the room burst into laughter too. Everyone laughing should be ashamed. It wasn’t a joke. Trump is signaling the fact that his administration will be run on the premise that he defines what is “real” and what is “fake.” If it’s pro-Trump, it’s legitimate. If it’s inconvenient, it’s “fake news” created by the “Deep State” and the “liberal media” out to get him.

That’s the kind of paranoid delusions that quickly spiral into fascism. And Spicer is giggling about it.

Featured image via Twitter