Sean Spicer Just Gave Trump Credit For Something Obama Did, White House DESPERATE (TWEET)

Donald Trump has basically built his life around doing nothing and taking credit for the accomplishments and work of others – and that definitely has not changed since he won the election and got into the White House. The crazy thing is, he continues to claim the successes of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, whom Trump has repeatedly criticized and trashed in the past.

The GOP has undermined Obama’s soaring track record for the past eight years. They’ve trashed everything Obama improved from the economy to his employment record — and now, they’re more than happy to take credit for his hard work. Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer showed just how desperate and pathetic the White House is when he tweeted this horrible message:

“Great news for American workers: economy added 235,000 new jobs, unemployment rate drops to 4.7% in first report for @POTUS Trump.”

Trump hasn’t even been in office for two full months. These numbers are NOT a reflection of his work! It’s also worth nothing that those job numbers for February 2016 (237,000) are nearly identical to the ones in February 2015 (238,000). Clearly, this is Obama’s doing – not Trump’s. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “job gains have averaged 209,000 per month.”

Trump and his team are so delusional, they seriously think they can take credit for the job numbers in February, when they didn’t even get into the White House until January 20th.

Under Obama, America saw the longest consecutive job creation streak in 75 years – completely dismantling the GOP’s assertion that he didn’t do anything for the country and left it worse than what he started with. Despite the fact that data shows that Obama greatly improved our country, Trump has still promised the American people that he would “fix” our jobs. Honestly, the best thing Trump could do is just not mess up Obama’s work.

Featured image via Alex Wong / Getty Images