Reporter Calls Out The Racist Writer Trump Invited To Press Briefing – Press Room Erupts In Chaos

He may work for Fox Radio but this man deserves a ton of respect for what he just did. At a breaking point with Trump’s love affair with the racist blog “The Gateway Pundit,” Fox Radio’s Jon Decker openly and vehemently criticized the White House for allowing the website, which panders in fake right-wing conspiracies and racist rhetoric, to attend daily press briefings alongside legitimate news sources.

Decker didn’t hold back. Pointing directly at The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich, Decker noted that he and his site “hate blacks, Jews, [and] Hispanics” and don’t deserve to be in the room. It was a moment where a reporter finally had enough of Trump’s normalization of racism, white Nationalism, and xenophobic outlets like Gateway Pundit and Breitbart.

The site’s founder, Jim Hoft, is frequently referred to as “the stupidest man on the Internet” for his daily parade of false and idiotic coverage of politics. He has repeatedly ran stories that fail to hold up to even the most basic scrutiny and often deals in wild conspiracies. Trump may like them because they relentlessly suck up to him, but they are despicable liars who deal in misinformation and hate.

After Decker called Wintrich out, chaos ensued:

Needless to say, Wintrich saw things differently. On Twitter, he whined that he was “assaulted” by Decker. Apparently being called a racist is tantamount to a sucker punch for the poor conspiracy theorist. He also (hilariously) misspelled the word “assault” several times, again highlighting the caliber of writer Trump personally gave a seat in the press briefing room.

Wintrich also said he would be pressing charges against Decker for “assult” and also for harassment — ironic because Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski once claimed it was no big deal when he yanked the arm of a female reporter who had dared to ask Trump a question as he walked out of a rally.

In a statement, Decker pointed out that at no point did he “assault” Wintrich, who appears to be lying.

“Earlier today I had a conversation with a representative from the online publication Gateway Pundit.  The conversation was straightforward and direct. I also informed the full White House pool that this representative was present in the Briefing Room. At no time did I accost or assault this individual. More than a dozen witnesses will attest to this fact.”

For Trump to be stopped, reporters as well as ordinary citizens need to stand up to the normalization of his descent into racism and xenophobia. Inviting a fear-mongering, disreputable smear merchant like The Gateway Pundit into the White House shows a level of disrespect for the American people that transcends politics. Kudos to Decker for standing up and loudly saying that it’s not okay.

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