NC Students Terrorize Minorities In Disgusting KKK Video; Their Punishment Is Shockingly Light

Donald Trump’s presidency has emboldened bigots everywhere. The latest hate incident comes courtesy of some despicable eighth grade students in North Carolina. In a stunningly racist video posted online and then removed, Leesville Road Middle School students can be seen and heard taunting minorities with the following:

“If you’re in America, we don’t accept n*****s,” as well as Jews, Arabs or Hispanics. Go back to the fields of Alabama, go back to the factories in Mississippi. You don’t deserve freedom.”

One of the parents of a student at the school made school officials aware of the disgusting video. Wake Forest Schools District Spokeswoman Lisa Luten said of the video:

“It’s disturbing. It’s concerning, and it’s something we’re having conversations about whether a larger action needs to be taken.”

The school system had said that they could not reveal the details of punishments of specific students, but it was later learned that these racist little cretins only received a three-day suspension for what amounts to racialized terrorism. In contrast, a Black student got a 10-day suspension from a fighting incident, which came to a head after months of racially motivated bullying that he suffered at the hands of white students. When people became outraged, his suspension was reduced to five days.

Tionda Holt, a parent at the school, says of the video:

“That video represents terrorism. That is inciting hate. Someone could have seen that video and gotten riled up.”

So, we see where this school system’s priorities lie. A Black child cannot defend himself against racist torment, and gets punished much more severely than white students who are going after Black children just for existing. These people better get their act together. I hope the parents of the minority students targeted in this video sue the pants off of that school district and demand that the kids in this video be expelled.

Watch the video below, via local newscast, ABC11:

Featured image via video screen capture