Chris Cuomo SHREDS Republican For Ignoring This One Really HORRIFYING Factor Of Trumpcare (VIDEO)

The Republican Party is trying its hardest to gloss over the fact that its new health care replacement is a disaster that is going to hurt the American people more than anything.

At a time when it’s been widely reported that Americans are overwhelmingly satisfied with their Obamacare and would like to keep it, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) went on CNN in an attempt to promote Trumpcare. Unfortunately, he didn’t anticipate being taken to the woodshed by host Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo pushed back on Jordan’s agenda and absolutely refused to let him get away with praising the new Republican health care plan without acknowledging the fact that literally MILLIONS of Americans will lose their health insurance thanks to Trump and the GOP. Cuomo also railed against Jordan’s vision, stating that a “free market” for health insurance has never been executed anywhere else in the world, because all other developed countries make sure their citizens have health coverage. Cuomo said:

“You use government as if it’s a bad word in this context, but to be fair, there is no place that you’ll find that has this kind of marketplace when it comes to health insurance. You’re saying it like it’s something that should be understood. It’s never existed anywhere else that you can point to, and remember, you have to be okay with having less people having health insurance to get some people to have it cheaper.”

Jordan tried to say that he wanted “all people to have better insurance,” but Cuomo saw right through his bullsh*t and promptly called him out:

“They will lose coverage. The way you’re fixing it right now millions of people may lose their coverage, you need to own that.”

Jordan could barely come up with a response to that other than a pathetic promise that those who got their health coverage through Obamacare would eventually be transitioned into the new system.

You can watch Cuomo rip Jordan apart below:

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