Trump Just Did Something REALLY Weird On Twitter, And It Makes Him Look EXTREMELY Shady (IMAGE)

Donald Trump really doesn’t make sticky situations any better for himself.

Trump’s entanglements with Russia continue to be a growing story, and a more recent piece to this puzzle came into play as Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions was accused of perjury over his communications with Russia. But if Trump was somehow trying to clean up his image and maintain a low profile, the fact that he “liked” a tweet about Senator Al Franken accusing Sessions of perjury certainly isn’t going to help:

The fact that Trump would publicly “like” a story about one of his biggest scandals only proves how insane he is. Every part of the Fox News story that Trump is calling attention to is negative, and portrays Sessions as someone who lied under oath because all of his arguments were so weak. And that’s not all – the story shows that there was a THIRD time Sessions made contact with Russia, when before only two had been reported.

To make this even more bizarre, Trump decided to like this story on the very day a poll was released that revealed most Americans were in agreement that Sessions lied under oath and should resign.

Either Trump really thinks he’s going to get away with all of this no matter how bold he is, or he’s really that stupid. Considering that these actions are coming from the same man that bragged about how he could go out on a popular New York street and shoot someone without losing any votes, he really just might be that confident that he is going to skate by all of these accusations and investigations. Trump has never been one for subtlety, and he probably enjoys pushing the envelope and seeing what he can actually get away with. He needs to stop making fools out of the American people, and he must be held accountable for his actions.