Mitch McConnell HUMILIATES Trump, Gives Him A BRUTAL Reality Check On Border Wall (VIDEO)

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might just find himself the next target of one of Donald Trump’s temper tantrums on Twitter.

Earlier today during a Politico Playbook event, McConnell basically threw Trump under the bus and humiliated him in front of everyone when he very bluntly said that Mexico would NOT be paying for Trump’s idiotic, ineffective border wall – a statement that greatly contradicts everything that Trump promised during his presidential campaign.

When McConnell was questioned about Trump’s wall, McConnell first tried to give a diplomatic answer and said, “there are some places along the border where that’s probably not the best way to secure the border.” However, when he was further pressed to see if he felt Mexico would pay for the wall, McConnell dropped all niceties and put his thoughts very bluntly. He smirked and said:

“Uh, no.”

McConnell and everyone in the room then shared a laugh, all at Trump’s expense.

You can watch McConnell poke fun at Trump below:


For a leading Republican like McConnell to embarrass the Republican Party’s leader and sitting POTUS like this is certainly surprising, and it only proves just how few people actually believe Trump is competent enough for this role and will be able to deliver his promises to the American people.

Already, we’ve seen Trump walk back several of his major campaign promises, one of them being this Mexico border wall. Mexico’s leaders have already repeatedly stated that Mexico will not pay for the wall, and Trump has had to cover it up and lie to the American people and say that first taxpayers will pay for the wall, only to be reimbursed by Mexico at a later date – which Mexico has not agreed to. McConnell’s comments show that no one – not even the GOP – believes Trump anymore.

Featured image via Drew Angerer / Getty Images