Trump Threatens Electoral ‘Bloodbath’ If Republicans Fail To Pass Obamacare Replacement (VIDEO)

House Republicans have released their version of Obamacare replacement and it’s bad, very bad. There’s also almost no chance it will pass. Trump loves the bill, though. He loves it so much that he warned Republicans would experience an electoral “bloodbath” in 2018 if they don’t pass it.

On Tuesday, Trump had a meeting with House Republicans in which he delivered the stern warning. He said he was behind the bill 100 percent, even though the bill hasn’t been scored by the Congressional Budget Office. In other words, we don’t know how much the bill will cost and how many people will be losing insurance, but, according to Trump, the House should just go ahead and pass it.

Trump vowed to throw his full support behind the effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act during a meeting with House GOP leadership, saying he is “proud” to support a GOP-authored plan to replace Obamacare and told members behind closed doors that he would support it “100%,” according to sources in the room.

But he warned lawmakers of the high-stakes nature of the effort, citing a potential electoral “bloodbath,” a member present said.

“He said he hopes members understand that,” the source said.

Source: CNN

Here’s Trump’s public statement:

Trump could be right that there will be an electoral bloodbath in 2018, but not for the reason he says. Obamacare is suddenly very popular across the country and voters are standing up to their politicians demanding that if they make any improvements, it will be to provide better benefits, not fewer.

It’s gotten so bad for Republicans that many of them are refusing to face┬átheir constituents as they debate how to best get rid of people’s life saving health insurance. Of course, they just blame President Obama, George Soros and the “fake news.”

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