Sean Spicer F**ks Up, Accidentally Admits DEVASTATING Fact About TrumpCare (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s rollout of TrumpCare is already crashing and burning (just like everything he tries to do) — and his White House Press Secretary certainly isn’t helping him. Earlier today, Sean Spicer tried to address the questions surrounding the much-hated TrumpCare plan, and accidentally admitted that tons of people are going to lose their health care coverage because of it.

Spicer basically said that it didn’t matter how many people would be covered under the new horrible Obamacare replacement:

You can watch Spicer f**k up in the video below:

Spicer went off on Obamacare, incorrectly stating that people had cards under the Affordable Care Act, yet they were not receiving care. This is absolutely false, as Obamacare had measures put in place to guarantee that people would be covered by insurance companies – unlike TrumpCare, which doesn’t have any of those regulations.

So far, the GOP has fallen silent over how many people would be covered under their Obamacare replacement measure. They purposely avoided running TrumpCare past the Congressional Budget Office — a move that is being highly criticized for its lack of transparency. Leader Nancy Pelosi suggested that this secrecy was to prevent word getting out that millions of Americans will lose their coverage under the new plan.

This looks like yet another thing that Trump won’t be able to deliver. Let’s not forget that Trump promised again and again that his new health care plan would cover everyone. He once said:

“I am going to take care of everybody…everybody’s going to be taken care of, much better than they’re taken care of now.”

Trump also promised America that he was so good at making deals that the government would basically pay for everyone’s coverage:

How do we go from everyone being covered to not being able to even say how many people were going to be covered – and trying to spin the issue to be about people not getting care? What Spicer is doing is trying to reframe Trump’s campaign promises, because the White House knows they can’t be delivered. TrumpCare is an abomination compared to Obamacare, and millions of Americans are going to suffer because of the GOP’s incompetence.

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