Obama Just Gave The PERFECT Response To Donald Trump’s BS Wiretap Claim

When former President George W. Bush left office, he remained quiet in regards to any criticism of Barack Obama. Sure, Dick Cheney didn’t, but Obama’s predecessor remained graceful in order to keep the peace. President Obama didn’t attack Bush, either. Trump’s unprecedented attack by a sitting president on the former occupant of the White House has caused a firestorm off attention after calling Obama “sick” and suggested he should be criminally prosecuted for “wiretapping” him during the election campaign. Trump did not offer any proof and the White House is scrambling to defend his jaw-dropping claims which originated from the right-wing fake news site Breitbart, then was promptly circulated by fake news site Gateway Pundit.

So what does Barack Obama think of the new conspiracy theory about him? Unlike Trump, Obama can take the heat with a simple eye roll and shrug it off. Obama didn’t take to his Twitter account to unleash mean-girl tweets about Donald Trump.

A source who spoke to NBC News said that former President Barack Obama “rolled his eyes” at Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that he wiretapped Trump Tower toward the end of the 2016 election.

This his how a real President reacts to a 70-year-old’s Twitter tantrum:

The source, who spoke to NBC News on the condition of anonymity and is familiar with the president’s thinking, said Obama believes the claims “undermine the integrity of the office of the president,” but don’t undermine his own integrity, because “he didn’t do it.”

The source added that Obama “is much more concerned by President Trump kicking people off their health insurance, not staffing the government, not being prepared for a crisis, rolling back regulations so that corporations can pollute the air and water and letting mentally unstable people buy guns with no problems whatsoever.”

“He cares about all those things much more than what President Trump tweets at the TV each morning,” the source continued.

The White House has stated that alleged president Donald Trump supports a congressional investigation into “whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016” as part of a larger investigation into the Russian hacking scandal.

So, Obama is more concerned about our country’s well-being than over some crotchety old man’s rantings on Twitter even though Trump has again created another conspiracy about his predecessor.

Seriously, Trump supporters, you never knew what you had until it was gone. Sort of like Obamacare which is being replaced by Trumpcare Karmacare.

Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images.