Top Democrat: I Will Make Comey Answer For Trump’s Wiretapping Allegations

Representative Adam Schiff is clearly fed up with Donald Trump’s lies. This is especially true of Trump’s latest lie, which is the insane accusations he made on Saturday morning about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower during the 2016 election. Of course, this is the most outrageous statement ever made by a sitting president, but it’s Donald Trump, so of course he did it. Well, there are hearings coming up regarding ties between the Trump campaign and Russian hacking, so Rep. Schiff is looking forward to getting to the bottom of all of this.

Appearing on Tuesday night’s edition of The Rachel Maddow Show, the Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said that he intends to ask FBI Director James Comey directly about Trump’s wild Twitter accusations against the former President. Schiff said of the upcoming March 20 hearings:

“The president has asked our committee to investigate this and I would say, Mr. President, we accept. We will investigate this.”

“We should be able to determine in fairly short order whether this allegation is true or false.”

Rep. Schiff went on to say that if (as we all know they will) the allegations turn out to be false, it’s just as huge of a scandal, if not more so, as it would be if they were true, since it would be ”the scandal of a sitting U.S. president alleging that his predecessor engaged in the most unscrupulous and unlawful conduct.”

Adam Schiff is right. Further, if and when it comes out that Trump flat-out lied, that really should be an impeachable offense. And if that isn’t enough, the House Intelligence Committee has an all-star line-up of people who will be testifying, including National Security Agency head Admiral Mike Rogers, former CIA director John Brennan, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, among others.

Pop your popcorn, folks. The testimony is sure to be damning.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images