The GOP Is Quietly Working On A New And VILE Way To Sh*t On American Consumers

Doesn’t Corporate America get enough breaks at the expense of the everyday American? Apparently not, because they’re working on a bill that would limit the ability of the American consumer to sue, even in cases of gross negligence and flat-out illegal acts. Already it’s difficult to sue due to all the legal fine print that corporations use specifically to make it harder to sue. And now Republicans want to expand and cement corporations immunity from responsibility.

Of course, they gave it a name intended to deceive us into believing they’re making things more fair for everyone. Leveling the playing field. Things like that. It’s called the “Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017.” It’s anything but fair – it tips the balance of lawsuits so far towards corporations that it’s obscene.

Class action lawsuits “are often the only avenue for Americans to hold corporations accountable if they are victims of widespread illegal behavior.” In other words, victims of fraud and scams, unsafe products and workplaces, and of human and civil rights violations, would have little to no recourse, according to a detailed analysis from Elizabeth Burch from the University of Georgia’s School of Law.

Other egregious behavior companies could get away with include price fixing, gender discrimination, securities fraud could go unchecked, deceptive or even false advertising could likewise go unchecked, and so much more.

Sure, there are laws in place that prohibit all of that, but holding companies truly responsible for the harm that their lawlessness causes involves hurting their bottom line. Do Republicans plan to put inspectors in every corporation there is, just to ensure that they all follow the law? Class-action suits really are our only method of holding a corporation’s feet to the fire when they break the law.

Should this bill pass, it’s anything but “America first,” and as such, it’s a major kick in the face to regular consumers. Republicans are disgusting.

Featured image by Mark Wilson via Getty Images