While Everyone Was Distracted, Here Are Five Ways Trump Just Moved To F*ck Over Middle America

The Donald Trump administration is desperate and like a cornered wild animal, Trump is lashing out at everyone, hoping he’ll land a bite that will stick. Over the weekend, the target of Trump’s delusional Twitter rant was President Obama, who Trump accused of wiretapping him. There’s zero evidence and even conservatives are beginning to question Trump’s sanity.

Now, I won’t go so far as to say Trump is crazy like a fox — no, he’s just plain crazy — but he also uses his Twitter account in an almost clever way. He uses it to distract from the real damage and flat out destruction he and his Republican cohorts are doing to this country.

Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Inquirer outlined three ways in which Trump is giving the country a legislative middle finger and because of Trump’s ridiculous tweets, the media is ignoring almost all of them.

The Trump administration wants to destroy the environment:

Donald Trump put as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, a man who has sued the agency a total of 13 times. Trump wants to all but gut the agency, leaving us with filthy air, water and ultimately, food, but hey, those polluting industries will see hefty profits.

The Trump administration wants to do away with the evidence of global warming:

No, the administration doesn’t want to stop global warming. They just don’t want us to study it or hear about it. In fact, they don’t even want us to know about the weather. The administration wants to cut the funding of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency by more than half a billion dollars.

Then there’s Trump’s brand new Muslim ban, which is only slightly better than the last:

In some ways, the second ban is worse than its predecessor. It signals that the Trump Administration is determined to pursue its anti-Muslim, extremist agenda and will not be hindered by courts — nor by the showing of public concern which followed the first ban. That remarkable cultural moment — symbolized by the immediate airport protests and sustained by the solidarity of faith groups, civil rights figures and celebrities who’ve spoken out repeatedly over the last month — seems to have gone unheeded by the Trump Administration.

Source: Time.com

We have a couple to add.

Trump’s budget is a big fat gift to him and his billionaire friends:

This is true of Trump’s tax proposals, which redirect wealth from the poor to the ultrarich. No one who supports repealing the estate tax can credibly be called a “populist.” It’s also true about his health care proposals, which slash benefits for low-income people while cutting taxes on the well-to-do. And it looks like this pattern will hold with respect to Trump’s forthcoming budget proposal, in which the “populist” president will ask for a big hike in defense spending while inflicting painful cuts on social programs.

Source: Salon

Trump is making a lot of money off the Office of the Presidency:

Donald Trump, Jr. told The Washington Post that he and his brother Eric were inspired by many places they visited while with their father on the campaign trail. While Trump has not divested from his company, he’s turned over management of the Trump brand to his sons. The plan now is to build new properties, starting with a more affordable chain of hotels, Scion, in a number of cities across the nation, many of which the brothers became acquainted with while on the long road to the White House.

Source: Vanity Fair

Trump hasn’t divested himself from his businesses, so if his sons are profiting, so is he.

The point of this is to not let ourselves become distracted by the latest shiny object, even if it is an absurd series of tweets. Donald Trump might not last a full term, but he can do a lot of damage before he leaves. He’s already started. Let’s focus on that as well.

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