Sean Spicer Has INSANE MELTDOWN, Gets Hostile With Reporters In Off-Camera Briefing (DETAILS)

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been known for losing his sh*t, just like his boss Donald Trump – and in an off-camera news briefing on Monday, Spicer had a Trump-sized meltdown as he tried to defend the disgraceful POTUS from his self-created wiretapping debacle.

PBS News Hour caught Spicer railing against the media on a live audio stream, capturing Spicer taking a particularly hostile and defensive attitude with reporters as they asked questions about Trump’s unverified claims that former President Barack Obama had somehow tapped his phones at the Trump Tower.

At the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Trump had blasted the media for using anonymous sources (even though he often does), and even suggested that the media “shouldn’t be allowed” to cite anonymous sources. Reporters asked Spicer about Trump’s anti-media comments at the CPAC, but this quickly launched into a discussion about Trump’s recent accusations against Obama, as well as inquiries about what evidence Trump had to back this up. Spicer responded:

“People start taking things as fact because a series of off-the-record and anonymous sources … We have started to become a series of believing all these stories, and yet, I’ve addressed this in the past, there’s nothing there to substantiate. At some point, I would ask people to take on-the-record sources and quotes as important as the countless numbers of anonymous, off-the records.”

As things heated up, one reporter asked for the source that Trump had gotten his information from regarding the wiretapping. The reporter asked:

“So, explain this to me then. You’re talking about not using anonymous sources — what is, then, the sourcing of the president’s tweet on Saturday? Does he believe it’s a FISA warrant?”

That’s when poor Spicey lost it. As more reporters tried to join the conversation, the WH press secretary snapped and said:

“There’s no cameras. You can slow it down.”

And of course, just like the hypocrite he is, Spicer couldn’t provide a non-anonymous source. He simply said that reports “are out there” from “individuals and sources.”

Understandably, the reporters wanted more of an answer so they continues to press Spicer. This caused him to fire back again as he said:

“You’re not on camera. You don’t need to jump in.”

You can watch Spicer lost his temper over some straightforward, simple questions below:

Featured image via Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images