EXPLOSIVE New Report PROVES Trump Hotel Linked To Iranian Terror Organization

Donald Trump likes to talk tough on terror. However, a new report links a Trump hotel to – you guessed it – a terror cell. Trump and his daughter-wife Ivanka built a hotel and tower in Azerbaijan in 2008 that was first a swanky high rise full of apartments, but in 2014 it became yet another Trump hotel. However, neither incarnation of the project ever opened for business.

Now, it seems that the whole thing – called the Trump International Hotel and Baku – is just a front for corruption tied to an oligarch by the name of Ziya Mammadov. Mammadov’s father also happens to be the transportation minister of Azerbaijan. The United States government believes that this man is guilty of money laundering for Iran’s military. He has never been brought up on any such charges, though.

The whole thing looks even shadier when one considers statements from a former official with Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Tourism. He says of the Trump property:

“Why would someone put a luxury hotel there? Nobody who can afford to stay there would want to be in that neighborhood.”

So, in other words, they have a dormant hotel in a shitty neighborhood for what legitimate purpose exactly? It also turns out that the aforementioned Ziya Mammadov, along with his brother Elton Mammadov are the ones who signed off on this sham property. It also helps to know that this whole family is corrupt to the core and basically make their money through government corruption. They also have suspicious ties to the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. This is a terrorist cell that engages in things like trafficking drugs and sponsoring terrorist activities.

Of course, one of Trump’s equally shady lawyers, Alan Garten, has already brushed aside the claims, saying that all Trump did was lend his name to the building has no real ties to this whole corrupt mess. The thing is, though, there is money going into Trump’s pockets via this deal – to a tune of at least $2.8 million, perhaps more. To that end, do not expect any sort of rebuke of this corruption and sponsoring of terrorism from the Trump Administration.

Clearly, Trump’s worldwide business interests will influence United States policy, when indeed it should not, ever. This is dangerous beyond anything we have ever seen before. He must be removed.

The entire report can be read here, at the New Yorker.

Featured image via Jim Lo Scalzo – Pool/Getty Images