Cory Booker SCORCHES Trump Over New Muslim Ban In BLISTERING Tweetstorm

Well, the moment we have all been anticipating has come to pass. Donald Trump and the bigots in his administration have rolled out a new Muslim Ban. There are very few differences. It excludes Iraq, thanks to their vital role in helping the United States government in the fight against the Islamic State. It also will not be rolled out immediately, so that we won’t have people being detained mid-travel. It also excludes Green Card holders and those with legal visas prior to January 27, 2017 – the date of the original order that was struck down by the courts. there is also language striking down the first order. However, make no mistake – this is still a Muslim ban. The intent is the same, and there is one person who wants to make sure that everyone knows it: New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

Just moments after the news broke that Trump had signed the new order behind closed doors, Senator Booker took to Twitter to go all in on Trump and what he and his goons are doing. This truly an extraordinary rebuke of a sitting Senator of a sitting President. Here are is the flurry of tweets sent out by a clearly furious Booker:

Indeed, we will see Trump in court. Just as the first order was rejected, so should the second order. There’s really no difference at all, and the claims by Trump and his administration are doing this because of national security concerns have been shown to be baseless by Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security.

This is the most fundamentally un-American action Trump has taken yet, and considering the things he has done, that’s saying something. Senator Booker is right — we’ll see him in court.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images