‘Cards Against Humanity’ Maker Has Amazingly Annoying Way To Force GOPers To Hold Town Halls

Cards Against Humanity has to be one of the best card games ever. Also, its creator is likely one of the most creative human beings of our time. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this individual, Max Temkin, would have a rather interesting way of contacting his Senator. Said Senator happens to be Ron Johnson (R-WI).

Instead of letters, Temkin is sending potatoes to Senator Johnson. Each has a simple message: “Hold a Town Hall.” There is a very good reason for Temkin’s going after Johnson specifically. The Senator threatened to have a veteran arrested if he persisted in his requests to hold a conversation with Johnson in person. The constituent, Earl Good, told local station Channel 58 the following of his efforts:

“The reason I reached out to Ron Johnson, I disagreed with several of the cabinet appointments that were made, and I was concerned about the Affordable Care Act, privatizing the veteran’s administration, the Russian hacking.”

After he repeatedly tried and failed to speak to his Senator, Good received a cease and desist letter barring him from calling or visiting the premises of any of Johnson’s offices.

To that end, Temkin’s campaign against Johnson was born. For just five dollars, you, too, can have a potato sent to Johnson for his horrible treatment of this constituent who so bravely served our nation in war. Here is Temkin’s tweet, complete with a website where you can help with the avalanche of potatoes coming Johnson’s way:

Temkin and his team further explain their efforts in a blog post on the Cards Against Humanity website:

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is refusing to hold a town hall meeting with his constituents. When one of his voters, a Vietnam veteran, called his office asking for a town hall, Johnson sent him a cease and desist letter.

Legally, we’re not allowed to call Senator Johnson a cruel idiot who doesn’t understand how health insurance works. But we are allowed to mail thousands of potatoes to his office demanding that he listen to his constituents and hold a town hall meeting.

For only $5, you can send a potato with your name on it to Senator Ron Johnson’s office demanding that he hold a town hall meeting.

Of course, Johnson is just the latest Republican who is being a coward and refusing to do his job and meet with constituents. The man is a disgrace. The least we can do is send him a potato. I think I’ll head on over there and do it right now.

Featured image via Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images