Saturday Night Live Takes On GOP Cowardice In Stunningly Accurate Faux Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

As we all live in the nightmarish hellscape that is the Donald Trump presidency is the fact that Congressional Republicans are flat-out refusing to stand up to Donald Trump’s insanity. They know he is mentally unstable, corrupt, incompetent, and dangerous. However, they also are drunk with power while holding every branch of government. If they can get him to be a rubber stamp for their agenda, they don’t care about doing what is right for the country. They only care about what they want.

Well, there is one show that is not afraid to hammer this unpatriotic and dangerous insanity: Saturday Night Live. In the newest episode of the parody show, the producers came up with a brilliant faux movie trailer entitled “TBD.” It starts by portraying an accurate account of what we are all going through under Trump’s regime right now, with phrases like, “a nation divided,” and “a president with unchecked power.” Then, it moves to different scenarios of one brave Republican member of Congress speaking out against the president. In each segment, that person’s identity and statements against Trump are “TBD.”

In the “reviews” segment, it even takes a shot of infamously spineless House Speaker Paul Ryan when its Rolling Stone “review” says:

“…it’s definitely NOT about Paul Ryan.”

This is awesomely funny, but it’s also chillingly accurate. Oh, if only SNL could shame the GOP into doing what is right.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via video screen capture