Former Defense Secretary: Trump’s Paranoid Claims ‘Make Us Vulnerable’ To Our Enemies (VIDEO)

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta explained on Sunday why Donald Trump’s paranoid claims that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower are so troubling.

During an interview with CBS’s Face The Nation, the ex-CIA director said that Trump’s baseless accusations are dangerous and threaten the safety of the United States.

“Every time these things happen, every time he tweets, every time these issues come up that indicate that there’s obviously something to this Russian issue and the administration is not cooperating,” Panetta said.

“When that happens, when he accuses a past president of wiretapping without any evidence of that being the case, it makes us vulnerable. It weakens the United States and it makes us vulnerable to our enemies. That’s the danger.”

According to Panetta, Trump is “sending a terrible message out there” and leaders around the world are “very concerned.”

“They’re concerned about whether he truly is going to be committed to the kind of world leadership that we’ve seen the United States provide,” he said.

Trump sent out a tweet on Saturday claiming that Obama had his “wires tapped.” He has offered zero evidence for this allegation and U.S. officials have lined up to tell him that he’s out of his ever-loving mind and nobody “tapped” his stupid “wires.” But as usual, Trump and his administration have continued to cling to their bogus accusations with a total disregard for the truth.

Watch the former secretary of defense explain how Trump is making us more vulnerable to our enemies with his absurdities, here:

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