DESPERATE: Trump Doubles Down On Wiretap Lie, Says He Will ‘Be Proven Right’

Usually, if you’re in a hole you stop digging but not Donald Trump. The amateur president went on a tweetstorm yesterday, likely to deflect from his own scandals, to accuse Barack Obama of having his phones tapped during the campaign. Trump’s newest conspiracy theory isn’t going down well. Even Director James Comey asked the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump’s claims. That Comey. The one who interfered with the election process by sending a letter to Congress suggesting that there was something the FBI had on Hillary Clinton. As it happens, it was all a ruse to help defeat Trump’s Democratic opponent. We’re sure Comey is rethinking his actions now.

Still yet, Trump is doubling down on his fact-free conspiracy theory.

The Hill reports:

The CEO of Newsmax Media, known for having a relationship with President Trump, wrote on Sunday that Trump insists he will be proven right regarding his allegation of wiretaps at Trump Tower.

“I spoke with the President twice yesterday about the wiretap story. I haven’t seen him this pissed off in a long time,” Christopher Ruddy wrote in an article for Newmax.

“When I mentioned Obama ‘denials’ about the wiretaps, he shot back: ‘This will be investigated, it will all come out. I will be proven right,’” he said.

Again, there is zero proof of Trump’s claims and a President cannot authorize a wiretap in this manner. Trump supporters, even CEOs, believe whatever the alleged president says. We’re still waiting for Trump’s team of investigators to get back from Hawaii to prove that Obama, America’s first black president, did not legitimately hold the highest seat in the land. Trump dogged former president Barack Obama for years. He then went on to accuse Hillary Clinton of corruption. In both instances, Donald Trump was practicing projection which is something he now excels at.

Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo – Pool/Getty Images.