Photo Of Hillary Reading About Pence’s Private Email Surfaces, And It’s The Most Heartbreaking Thing You’ll See This Week (TWEETS)

You remember that one company that used to stuff your mailbox full of coasters installation discs every single goddamn day of the week, your only reprieve from the madness being Sunday? Well, America Online finally discovered what it takes to be relevant: apparently Mike Pence uses it.

On Thursday, the Indianapolis Star revealed that not only did the Vice President use private email — something for which Donald Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, was demonized — but he conducted state business on an insecure, almost-forgotten service that was presumed dead long ago. Unlike Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Pence’s AOL account was hacked.

Clinton was spotted on a flight from Boston to New York on Friday and a passenger managed to catch the very moment the former Secretary of State saw the USA Today headline about Pence’s private email. The passenger sent the photo to friends via Snapchat, and one of them saved it to share with the world:

The “what in the fuck?” look on Hillary’s face is priceless. It’s OK, we know what she’s going through. We watched the Right froth at the mouth over what Ted Cruz would call a “nothingburger” if Clinton was a Republican for what seems like forever.

It is not against the law to use a private email in Indiana, but officials are expected to retain the exchanges to fulfill public records requests. Documents released  via  a records request shows us that Pence discussed national security and other matters with his top advisors via his private email, but an unspecified number were withheld because  “the state considers them confidential and too sensitive to release to the public.”

Once again, these are from an account that was hacked last summer. The Star notes that the scammer “sent an email to his contacts claiming Pence and his wife were stranded in the Philippines and in urgent need of money.” He responded not by increasing his security, but by creating a new AOL screen name.

We will not be seeing calls to “LOCK HIM UP” from the Right, nor will we see GOP politicians calling for endless hearings and investigations. Normally, this would be fine but at this point there seems to be one set of rules for Democrats and one for Republicans in an administration that is easily outpacing even the accusations they leveled at Clinton.

This photograph serves as a reminder of what Americans who knew better but decided that voting their “conscience” was more important than literally saving America from a despot and people who are too stupid to operate a fork without adult supervision yet figured out how to vote caused us to lose. We could have had a competent leader who isn’t perfect, but she was at least smart enough to warn us about Donald Trump’s cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin. And, of course, she isn’t a walking human rights crisis.

It’s heartbreaking.

Featured image via Twitter