‘Go Back To Your Own Country’: Right-Wing Bigot Shoots Man In Fit Of Anti-Immigrant Rage

Donald Trump’s presidency has inspired many bigot to come out of the woodwork and commit acts of violence against those they perceive as not belonging in “their” country. The latest incidence of this was the case of a man of the Sikh faith who lives outside Seattle, Washington in the town of Kent, being shot in his own driveway by a man who told him to “go back to [your] own country.”

The victim is a 39-year-old man who was working on his car in his yard, minding his own business. According to the Washington Post, a stranger approached the man unprovoked. He was reportedly clad in a mask and was carrying a loaded gun. The criminal is described as a white male, roughly six feet tall. When he invaded the man’s property, some kind of confrontation ensued, and then the man told the victim, “go back to your own country,” before shooting said victim in the arm.

The name of the victim has not been given to the press, and the perpetrator is still at large. Kent police are considering that this is a possible hate crime.

This act of violence also comes on the heels of two Indian men being shot by a white man with similar anti-immigrant sentiments, with one of them being killed. Another man was also wounded when he tried to stop the murderous act.

Anyone who thinks this has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric is deluded at this point. Trump’s own hatred, and blatant appeals to white supremacists and other fringe bigots has emboldened the worst and the most violent among us. He has given them permission to openly hate again, and they are acting on it, full stop. Donald Trump and his followers are literally getting people killed. He and his administration have blood on their hands, but of course they will never admit it.

Featured image via Yana Paskova/Getty Images