Donald Trump Just Got Humiliated By The DICTIONARY Again, And It’s F*cking EPIC (TWEETS)

On Friday, Donald Trump was so angry about the more than half the country that feels it is probably not a good idea for his administration to be in bed with Russia that he was completely unable to type coherently when unleashing his unpresidential ravings on Twitter. Specifically, he found himself unable to spell the word “hereby.”

Trump informed the American public that he — the President* — wants to “hear by” launch investigations into his political enemies because they have been in photographs taken during public, scheduled meetings with some of the same Russian folks with whom members of his administration have been busted having secret, off-the-books meetings.

After half the world pointed out he had spelled it incorrectly, he gave it another go, changing it to “hearby” — still wrong, but closer.

Then he unironically tweeted about education…

…before finally spelling “hereby” correctly.

Taking pity on The Donald for the difficulties he was having, the Merriam-Webster dictionary jumped into the fray, providing the first President who would lose a second-grade spelling bee a little bit of assistance. “OK, OK. Here. Bye,” the dictionary tweeted shortly after Trump’s numerous flubs:

Naturally, this was quite popular with Americans who care about having a President who isn’t a constant embarrassment:

This is not the first time the dictionary has helped Trump out, nor will it be the last. The Donald still has not thanked them.

Featured image via Getty Images (Marrio Tama)/screengrab