Congressman Tells Trump He’s In ‘Deep S**t’ If Wiretapping Conspiracy Is True — And He’s Right (DETAILS)

Donald Trump may have just inadvertently admitted guilt during his bizarre and conspiracy riddled claim that President Obama ordered the Trump Tower to be wiretapped.

In a flurry of early morning tweets (how’s that pivot going, Republicans), President Trump accused President Obama, as early as October, with launching a Nixonian-McCarthy-esque witch hunt against his campaign in order to undermine him.

Once again, President Trump has shown a complete lack of understanding about the separation of powers enshrined in the United States Constitution. Contrary to popular (right-wing) belief, the President of the United States does not have the authority to order a wiretapping of an individual’s house, phone, or place or business.

But don’t take our word for it. Let Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu of California explain it:

In case that wasn’t enough, let him explain it one more time:

Lieu is right: either way you look at it, Trump is in trouble. He is either painfully ignorant of the Constitution; has done something that would warrant probable cause (which could be criminal); or both. Our money is on both. He’s demonstrated that he completely off his rockers and ill-equipped for the office of the presidency.

Even if President Obama did recommend that Trump’s phones and buildings be tapped (which is highly unlikely, but if true, THANKS OBAMA!), it certainly wouldn’t be without merit. Since August – with the resignation of Paul Manafort, intelligence officials have been looking into whether or not the Trump campaign was in collusion with the Russian government. And over the last several months, many damning revelations have come out about the campaign’s contacts, which were previously denied.

Maybe the Trump white House should be bugged. Their lack of transparency and honesty has been frightening and beneath the awesome responsibility of the Executive Branch.

Maybe this wiretapped information (if it happened) is the information Comey and the FBI is withholding, according to Senator Ron Wyden.

Only time will tell. The drip is turning into a flow.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images