Analysis: Trump Lied 53 Times During His Congressional Speech

Recently, the mainstream media (yes, including the “liberals”) fawned over President Trump’s “presidential” address to a joint session of Congress. Why? Because he actually acted like a semi-decent human being. Instead of going off script on his usual childish tantrums and praise of himself, he stuck to the teleprompter and delivered a pretty forgettable speech.

There was just one tiny thing that the mainstream media failed to notice: his speech was absolutely riddled with lies. And when we say riddled, we mean a significant chunk of the things he said in his hour speech were either misleading, factually incorrect, or flat out falsehoods.

The Center for American Progress found that in the 61 minutes President Trump spoke, he lied 53 times. That’s one lie almost every minute.

Through an incredibly detailed spread sheet, CAP was able to identify every false statement and correct it for the record. It’s pretty damning to see how often and easily the President of the United States can lie to the American people.

Among President Trump’s most egregious lies were:

  1. He was responsible for General Motors, Spirit, Lockheed, Walmart and others investing billions in the United States economy and bringing jobs back
  2. That the “vast majority” of terrorist attacks that happen on American soil are because of foreign born terrorists
  3. Ninety-four million Americans are out of the workforce
  4. America has the highest corporate tax rates in the world
  5. Obamacare is collapsing
  6. He wants to invest in women’s health
  7. That he’s been working with members of both parties
  8. That higher immigration leads to higher unemployment
  9. That President Obama put on more debt than all other presidents combined
  10. That he “drained the swamp.”

Everyone knows Trump lies and lies often. We’ve known this since the campaign. We know that everything listed above can be easily disproved. The only reason Trump got high marks for his speech was 1) less people watched than the previous one, 2) more Republicans watched than independents and Democrats, and 3) he spoke “normally.” Besides that, it was typical Trump: an ill-informed demagogue who stokes fear by racially scapegoating Mexicans and blaming everything on President Obama.

The media (and indeed the American electorate) cannot let President Trump get away with being a shameful liar simply because he talks in a polite voice and stays on script. America is better than to forgive this fascist after all he’s done to this country and our standing in the world. Be vigilant.

Featured image Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images