Veterans SHRED Trump For Exploiting Navy SEAL’s Death While Press FAWNS All Over Him For It

Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress last night was long on old and tired talking points, and short on substance and concrete plans. Many lawmakers present had invited guests, and, of course, Trump invited his own guests, too, which presidents do. One of his guests was Carryn Owens, wife of slain Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, who was lost during the botched raid in Yemen.

The press fawned all over Trump for that, talking about the emotional, touching moment in which Trump actually became presidential. Then there were veterans on social media who felt differently. Many feel that Trump did nothing but exploit Ms. Owens, her grief, and the death of her husband. They were quite clear in how they saw it:


Then there’s U.S. Army veteran Charles Clymer, who was so livid he went on a mini-tweetstorm about it:

But here’s the press’ reaction. The fawning is gag-inducing, especially  from those who routinely speak out against Trump.

That’s a stark difference. Trump used Ms. Owens like he always uses people. He was trying to puff himself up, score points, and distract attention from the poorly-planned and executed Yemen raid, which even DHS says yielded no useful intelligence.

Our fighting men and women put their lives on the line for us. It would be one thing if the intelligence for the Yemen raid was confirmed to be good, and the raid itself was as carefully planned and executed as it could possibly be. Things go wrong with even the best-planned missions – that’s a fact. But that’s not what happened in Yemen, and our military members shouldn’t have to die for an administration that hastily throws an operation together, and then lies about the result. Owens deserves so much more than this, and his blood is on Trump’s hands.

Featured image by Jim Lo Scalzo via Getty Images