Trump Tweets A Douchey, Self-congratulatory “THANK YOU” And Americans Tell Him Where He Can Shove It (TWEETS)

On Wednesday, Donald Trump kicked off his morning by tweeting two little words — an allcaps “THANK YOU.”

Trump didn’t say whom he was thanking. Was it the Jews he says are behind antisemitic hate crimes committed by his supporters? The father of the Navy SEAL who died for nothing during his failed Yemen raid who didn’t want to meet him? The wife of said SEAL who broke down in tears while The Donald joked about applause? Hispanics and Muslims who now live in fear every day? Oh, that’s right — he was thanking the media who apparently have learned nothing and are currently gushing about how “presidential” he was at his Wednesday speech because he managed to stick to the script and not scream about FAKE NEWS for once — never mind that he lied 51 times in his 61 minute speech. 

While Trump may be patting himself on the back, those of us who can operate a toaster without an adult supervising are a bit confused at whom, exactly, he thinks likes him. Trump’s disapproval numbers are current at over half the country (and steadily rising) — meaning that most Americans are sick of his bullsh*t already. Naturally, a whole mess of them stopped by Trump’s Twitter to let him know how they really feel:

Don’t be fooled by the one time Trump has managed to avoid mocking a disabled reporter or telling his fans he will pay their legal fees if they beat up black people at his rallies. He’s still the same racist xenophobe he’s always been — though as “Real Time” host Bill Maher points out:

“I think the bad thing is it will fool a lot of people. [He] like a fairly reasonable guy, too right-wing for me, but a normal person.”

Once again, don’t be fooled.

Featured image via Getty Images(Pool)/screengrab