Trump Fan Violently Attacks Comedian For Harmless Joke (VIDEO)

Comedian John Caparulo was in the middle of a perfectly normal standup act at The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California when someone was apparently too stupid to get his joke about Donald Trump and reacted violently.

“The Washington Monument, somebody got paid to design that shit? It’s a fucking pencil, it’s just a big cement pencil,” Caparulo said. Some people think it looks like a dick but I think they’re saving that design for Trump’s monument.” Though the majority of the audience laughed uproariously, two women decided that Mr. Caparulo was a goddamn traitor.

“Fuck you,” one of the women yelled, apparently unable to summon enough of her insignificant brainpower to form a snappy comeback.

“No fuck you stupid, what are you his fucking mom? Get the fuck out of here,” Caparulo replied, seeminly bemused by this woman’s shock that someone doesn’t like the least popular president in American history. “Oh god, am I the first one to dislike Trump? Oh my god, I must’ve invented disliking Trump… Fucking break up my show lady, you can come up here and do this shit.”

“Go fuck yourself,” the woman screamed as she threw her glass at Caprulo — a sure sign that it’s probably a bad idea to give these people alcohol that isn’t in a sippy cup. The glass shattered when it hit the comedian.

“That hurt a little bit,” he said, laughing. “I’ll have to admit that hurt.”

“Thank you, she was a bitch all night,” one audience member yelled as the Trump fan left. Others agreed with her. “Fuck you,” one yelled. “Fuck Trump,” another added.

Unfortunately, this is the mindset of Trump fans. Everything they don’t like is met with violence because, at least according to studies, Trump fans are too stupid to know they are stupid. They lash out. They threaten. They scream. They throw fits. In many ways, they are just like their tangerine fuhrer.

Watch the events unfold below: