Robert Reich PERFECTLY Breaks Down Trump’s 10-Step Plan For ‘Turning Lies Into Truth’ (VIDEO)

In a new video, Robert Reich breaks down the 10-step plan Donald Trump is using to turn lies into truths and how we can break the cycle.

While many of us are inclined to think he is just a bumbling buffoon. Reich notes that the Wall Street Journal has refused to call Trump’s lies, lies. Their reasoning? He isn’t doing it on purpose, so it doesn’t really count. He isn’t lying intentionally. He’s just an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But Trump is actually succeeding at turning his many bogus falsehoods into near truths.

Here’s how:

  1. He lies.
  2. Experts and media condemn his lies as bullsh*t.
  3. Trump attacks the experts and media as “dishonest, screaming “Fake News” from the rooftops.
  4. Trump repeats the lie over and over, claiming that “many people” say he’s right.
  5. The mainstream media no longer call the lie a lie. It now becomes a “disputed fact.”
  6. Trump repeats the lie some more and so do his surrogates.
  7. The mainstream media now starts calling Trump’s lie a “controversy.”
  8. More and more Americans, especially Republicans, start believing the lie.
  9. Now the media calls the lie a “claim that reflects a partisan divide” and say it is “found to be true by many.”
  10. Everybody is so confused about what the truth really is and his lie has become a near truth. “Trump wins.”

With this 10-step plan, “Trump wins,” Reich explains. But he doesn’t have to. We each need to make sure we know the truth rather than just swallowing whatever lie Trump spouts out next. Don’t let him confuse you. Trust the real facts, not the alternative ones.

Reich also said that “the media should stop mincing words” and needs to “report Trump’s lies as lies.”

Watch Robert Reich explain how Trump is turning lies into truth, here:

Featured image via video screen capture