#NeverTrump Conservative Has The PERFECT Description Of Pundits’ Reaction To Trump’s Speech (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is being graded on a curve. He always has been, as he has broken every rule in the political handbook and still managed to lie, cheat, and insult his way to the presidency. However, on Tuesday night, he delivered a speech to a joint session of Congress — his first. For the most part, he stuck to his prepared remarks, and he seemed to keep his attention span and his temperament in check. There were no nasty insults to the press, to Democrats, or to Republicans who have been critical of him. Compared to the wild, unhinged antics we’ve been treated to from Trump since the day he launched his disgusting presidential campaign, this speech was surprisingly normal by Trumpian standards. This seems to be good enough for cable news personalities at this point.

But, one #NeverTrump conservative, Charlie Sykes, has news for said pundits: They are looking too hard for Trump to act like a normal president — or even a normal human being — and in turn they are behaving like abused spouses. Appearing on MSNBC, Sykes said of the punditry surrounding Trump’s speech:

“There’s almost a ‘battered pundit syndrome’ going on out there. He comes home and he’s not abusive, and he’s not drunk, and so we’re just so incredibly grateful, it’s just so incredibly good.”

Sykes went on to remind people that Trump’s “new tone” is unlikely to go beyond that speech. He’ll be back to his old, unruly self again in no time — just like a drunken, abusive spouse. To that end, we, the American people, need to treat him like an abuser, because that is just what he is, only on a grand scale.

Thank you, Mr. Sykes, for reminding everyone just who and what Trump is. Splashes of seeming normalcy from him should not be treated as if the storm has passed. It will never pass with this man.

Watch the exchange below:

Featured image via video screen capture