WATCH: Keith Olbermann Goes On EPIC Pre-Trump Address Rant With An AWESOME Twist At The End

Keith Olbermann rants on a very regular basis. Tonight’s rant, on his video series, was extremely on point given that Trump will give a State-Of-The-Union-esque address to Congress this evening where he will likely talk about one of our biggest controversies: Immigration.

He spends most of the address calling Trump’s immigration orders a “Muslim ban,” and a “purge of Hispanics.” He’s not wrong, and he lays out exactly why he’s not wrong with example after example:

“When you detain an American born in Philadelphia and ask him over and over again, ‘Where did you get your name from,’ and, ‘Are you Muslim,’ and the man’s name is Muhammad Ali Jr., it’s a Muslim ban! When ICE agents reportedly wait across the street from a Virginia church refuge designed to save the homeless from freezing to death on our streets, and you grab six men as they leave the place, it is a purge of Hispanics!”

He goes back and forth between “Muslim ban,” and “purge of Hispanics,” through his rant, with each example of the truth of these words worse than the one before. A couple of his examples have background to them that he doesn’t lay out, which makes them misleading. However. The gist of the entire video is the truth.

He also explains that one of the biggest things Trump’s stance on immigration has done is start turning rank-and-file ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers, and U.S. Border Patrol agents – who may not even know any better –  into power-tripping sadists under the false belief that they’re still doing something moral.

But his final sentence is the kicker. Watch his entire rant below:

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video